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March 7, 2012

Many consumers are wondering if Happy Bid Day is a beneficial place for them to go, or if there is a happybidday scam. Happy Bid Day is an online penny auction site. Penny auction sites are places where people buy and sell products for prices that are often lower than retail prices. The system that they use is a bidding system. Each item starts out at a value of one cent. As consumers place bids on the products, the cost of the item raises another penny. The concept of the items starting out at one cent is what prompted the name “penny auction.”

Why the Happybidday Scam?

One of the biggest reasons why people suspect a happybiddday scam is believability. It is difficult for consumers to believe that they can take home a product for one penny. That idea is part of the reason why penny auctions have earned a negative reputation. Consumers are not very likely to win auctions for one penny. If someone starts off thinking that he or she will win an auction for one penny, that person will not have a pleasant experience. It is best for a person to have hopes of purchasing an item for less than retail cost.

How Happybidday Works?

Another concept that may cause confusion with some members is the bidding system. Happy Bid Day is not like some of the more famous online auction sites. The bidding is not free for the buyers. Most users who have complained in the happybidday reviews have mentioned this in their commentary. Not all auction sites operate the same way. Some of them offer the bidding as a free service to the buyers. Those sites may be earning their income in some other area. Happy Bid Day earns its money from buyer bids. It is perfectly legal for them to do such. A person who does not understand this concept may leave a negative happybidday review.

Some of the happybidday reviews would not have been negative if the user had taken the time to read the FAQs and information on the page. The site is very open and honest with its bid pricing and other charges. They make it clear to the reader that there are two types of auctions: one-cent auctions and happy auctions. The bidder spends money on either type of auction. With penny auctions, the site rewards the bidder 30 free bids upon registration.

Is Happybidday legit?

So the question remains whether Happy Bid Day is a scam or not. A scam is usually a promise that is not met by a company. Sometimes it is a system that is set up to covertly takes a user’s money. Anyone who is wondering is happybidday legit, should read its terms and conditions before joining. They are clearly outlined on their website. A user’s happybidday review would most likely be positive if he or she understood the facts. It is not a fraud if everything is disclosed to the user before he or she bids.

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