Dealdash Tips

Penny auctions offer bidders the opportunity to bid on and win products at a significant discount, sometimes up to 95% of the product’s retail value.  Here are some Dealdash tips to help you make you way scoring some big-ticket items for pennies on the dollar. There are many penny auction sites to choose from, with Dealdash being one of the longest-running, since its launch  in 2009.  Unlike many other penny auction sites, Dealdash does not offer any free bids; rather, each bid is purchased for 60 cents.  However, also unlike other penny auction sites, Dealdash allows you to use your lost bids (after losing an auction) to purchase the item at retail value.

The best penny auction strategy will save you a lot of money by helping you win items on low bids.  All penny auction strategies advise that you watch and study the habits and patterns of the other bidders.  Some bidders are intentionally aggressive, with the hopes of scaring off competing bidders.  Others are new to penny auctions and are more timid and tend to use their Dealdash bids to bid on a few low-priced items, just to get their feet wet.  One Dealdash strategy suggests you bid in the early phases of an auction, as many deals end surprisingly early on in the auction.  Another Dealdash strategy would be to bid at odd hours, when bidding is less competitive.  And a constant Dealdash strategy advises you to take time and care in your watching and bidding on one particular item, as you may get much more satisfaction from winning quality items, rather than quantity of less desirable items.

Dealdash Reviews frequently praise the fact that Dealdash allows you to bid on items, but even if you do not win the auction you may still use those bids to buy the item at retail price, and thus do not actually lose your bids.  So, you really aren’t losing any money.  A good Dealdash strategy then is to bid only on the items that you really want and intend on buying anyway.  This way, you’re not risking losing money that you weren’t already planning on spending, but can only benefit from winning the item at a lower price than you expected.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to put this Dealdash tips into practice and score some big items.

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