Dealdash Strategy

Dealdash StrategiesDealdash is a penny auction site that allows shoppers to buy items by bidding on them against a timer and if the timer counts down to zero while a bidder is still the leading one, that particular bidder wins the item. Some bidders prefer keeping their winning strategies to themselves but some of the strategies have been revealed to the public. In penny auction sites, there is no guarantee that a bidder can win the items on offer but using these dealdash strategies can definitely make it a whole lot easier to win. The best dealdash strategy can be relative depending on everyone but all the strategies can increase the chances of winning.

Which Dealdash Strategies Work?

One of the dealdash strategy that are commonly used is intimidation of other bidders. This method is done by bidding exactly right after a competitor has bid on an item. This method keeps your competitors worrying which might also throw them off balance and hence slip and be out of the race to the countdown. The competitor bidders get to think that you have a lot of bids and that you cannot be bid out hence the avoid bidding every time they see you in the auction online. Another deal dash strategy is to be prepared to use the “buy it now” option because even after bidding and losing the item, if you really wanted it no matter the cost, you can purchase it at retail price and get all your bids back to be used in another item.

Another great dealdash strategy is by early bidding. Some items take too many bids for the item to be won but other items only get taken by winners after a few bids have been made. This strategy is one of the best dealdash strategy used by many bidders. If you notice some of the items that get bid easily and the bid end quite fast, you can prepare to bring all your guns out and bid as fast as you can and while other people wait to see how many bids will be made hoping they will bid at a later stage, you end up winning the bid. To get the best dealdash strategy takes a while but it is quite important and worth the effort because once the best dealdash strategy is found, winning becomes much easy.

If you have the limited bid packs that have just a few numbers of bids in them, you can focus on low profile items which are much easier to win. This way you utilize the small number of bids to win the item instead of trying to win the high profile items which will obviously attract a high number of bidders. You can combine this method of winning by also visiting the other bidders’ pages to try to learn their strategies and which times to unleash your bids against theirs.

Dealdash strategies that use a lot of bids and require you to stockpile your bid packs are also available. Bid hoarding is a method of this kind and the bids range from 15 to 600 bids but this option does not have the “buy-it-now’ option so if a bidder losses; they cannot buy the item otherwise on retail.

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