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February 9, 2012

It is fair if people are tempted with the offers that most penny auction sites provide, and you are not the exceptional targets proposed by the penny auction sites. If Dealdash ever crossed in your mind where you want to place your bid on, you may think “is Dealdash legit?” You may see much Dealdash reviews mention if Dealdash is one of legitimate penny auction sites, which is also a reliable site, but on the other side, most Dealdash reviews act as the opposition by stating that Dealdash scam can be clearly seen. But when we go back to talk whether this site is legitimate or not, we need strong argument to prove it. So, if you are going to have an eye on Dealdash review, let’s check this briefing out!

Is Dealdash Legit?

This is a pertinent question that arises when we go along the research of honest penny auction sites. Before talking about Dealdash scam, we should start knowing how this penny auction site works. Firstly, if you come to visit, you will see many items are served and ready to win. As a customer, you will need to register on it with free of cost. Like the other email websites, you need to create a unique username and set up a password. Then, you will be asked to put your valid email address and get it verified through Facebook, by doing so, you just have got an advantage of getting free $5 for the purchase of bidding credits. The bid credits cost $1.00 each with some available options for the users how many bids they want to buy. Dealdash has added a “Buy It Now” option for those who just lost an auction, so they can score a bargain deal. It seems like the start where people claim that Deal dash plays a fraudulent auction.

Many arguments have been stated pertaining to the Dealdash scam. Most people who ever experienced a fraudulent auction on Dealdash, make a statement that Deal dash is a kind of scam. On Dealdash, it most likely you are almost impossible to win the items. There are numbers of people who ever bid for the items and put the higher bid over the latest bid on the penny auction site, but it did not appear at all, even they’ve tried to click the button for many times. For that reason, the bidders could not win anything on the site and unfortunately, it did not happen once on this website’s lifetime, it happens for many times instead. People do believe that Dealdash scam is done by the using of computer BOTs which act as fake bidders in order to attract more bidders and to make us attracted to place higher bids. So, it is true that we will not able to win the items unless we’ve put extremely high bid on it. Besides that, accessing Dealdash website really takes our patience, because it is hard to access this site for uncertain reasons.

From all arguments stated above, we can infer as our own opinion of Dealdash review that this penny auction site often plays fraudulent auctions which mostly scathes the users. Dealdash is basically a scam, although it’s not 100% scam.

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