Dealdash Promo Codes

January 25, 2012

The penny auction site Dealdash helps you to purchase a wide variety of items at ridiculously low prices through the process of online auctioning. The auctioning is done through the placing of bids for the items over a specified period of time also referred to as the auction time. This auction time increases in length for every bid placed for the item in question. The auction for every item on Dealdash auction site is zero dollars with every bid placed for an item raising its price by a penny as seen with penny auction sites.

For anyone wishing to bid they must first register with Dealdash then buy bids which they will then use to buy their products of interest. Each bid purchased costs sixty cents with the bids being bought in bulk according to someone’s budget. In case one bids but is not lucky to be the one who walks away with an item, they still have the option of getting the said item at its retail price in addition to getting back all the bids they used to go through the bidding process for the said item. This differentiates Dealdash from other penny auction sites in that you do not lose any money spent.

How to Increase Your Dealdash Free Bids

Dealdash is always looking for ways to make your purchases even cheaper helping you to save money with some products being purchased at a discount of ninety five percent in relation to their prices at retail stores. The bidding experience at Dealdash is made even more thrilling by the giving of free Dealdash bids to active bidders. These free Dealdash bids are used in the same way as those purchased directly from the Dealdash auction site. With Dealdash every bidder is a potential winner through the Monday promotion whereby one bidder gets to walk away with two hundred free bids via the Dealdash promo codes also referred to as the Dealdash redeem codes.

At the moment there is a Halloween give away of two hundred Dealdash free bids given to the bidder who gets the highest number of likes from the picture of their Halloween costume from other bidders subject to the conditions. Dealdash coupons can be gotten from partner stores with the redeeming of these Dealdash redeem codes being done online. It is important to consider buying the bids in bulk whenever Dealdash has free bids to give based on the amount of bulk bids bought by interested bidders.

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